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Our work is regularly reported in the popular and legal press along with other publications.  Here you can find out more about what we do.

Media Statement - Lauri Love Is Discharged On United States Extradition Request Following Appeal

5 February 2018

British computer hacker Lauri Love 'would rather kill himself' than spend years in US jail

1 August 2017

Media Statement - Lauri Love - Extradition to United States of America

25 April 2017

Flt Lt Andrew Townshend - Incident over the Black Sea

Flt Lt Andrew Townshend was acquitted of perjury and creating a false document but we will be looking to appeal the sentencing decision made after he had previously admitted negligent flying.

3 March 2017

Volkswagen Managers Safe From Extradition

Five German Volkswagen AG executives facing U.S. charges linked to the diesel-emissions scandal may be able to avoid jail, but may never leave Germany again

21 January 2017

Lauri Love wouldn't get justice in the US. UK courts must try his hacking case.

A link to an extradition article in The Guardian.

10 January 2017

MEDIA RELEASE: Lauri Love Extradition to the United States

16 September 2016

MP's bid to save Briton who tried to kill Trump as family plea for him to be deported from the US to the UK for psychiatric treament

Michael Sandford allegedly tried to snatch policeman's gun at Trump rally 20-year-old told police he travelled to kill Mr Trump, court documents show Family are hoping to have him deported to Britain for psychiatric treatment They approached Tory MP who vowed to ask Boris Johnson to intervene.

17 July 2016

GFH GC Haigh instructs Kaim Todner on costs order judicial review

18 January 2016

Media Release - Edward Davenport

4 November 2015

Media Statement - Vladimir Antonov

24 July 2015

Media Statement - Laurie Love

17 July 2015

Media Statement - Edward Davenport

21 May 2015

NCA slammed as 'ignorant' and 'ill-informed' by High Court judge

NCA slammed as 'ignorant' and 'ill-informed' by High Court judge after agency used unlawful search warrants

18 May 2015

Media Statement - Vladimir Antonov

6 May 2015

Media Release - Joao Vale Azevedo

13 March 2015

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