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Our work is regularly reported in the popular and legal press along with other publications.  Here you can find out more about what we do.

Media Release - Joao Vale Azevedo

13 March 2015

Kaim Todner instructed to represent man arrested for falling scaffold in the City

21 January 2015

Caroline Jackson acts for co-defendant as sham weddings trial collapses

Trial ends as judge alleges 'bad faith and serious misconduct on the part of the prosecution'.

7 November 2014

Media Release - King family

2 September 2014

Statement - Mcintyre

10 June 2014

Media Release - Joao Azevado

27 May 2014

Media Release - Paul and Sandra Dunham

21 May 2014

ECtHR Dismisses Dunhams' Appeal Against US Extradition

29 April 2014

Dominico Rancadore - Press Release

Dominico Rancadore has justly been granted bail this afternoon.

7 April 2014

Domenico Rancadore - Media Release

The case of Italy v. Domenico Rancadore be listed at Westminster Magistrates Court at 2pm tomorrow.

26 March 2014

Domenico Rancadore - Media Release

17 March 2014

Dunhams Apply for Supreme Court Appeal

Lawyers for Paul and Sandra Dunham this afternoon lodged applications at the High Court seeking certification to appeal to the Supreme Court in the Dunhams’ fight against extradition to the USA.

4 March 2014

Lauri Love - Media release

28 February 2014

Media Release - High Court upholds extradition order sending Dunhams to USA

20 February 2014

Media Statement - PC James Patrick

The Metropolitan Police are not proceeding with the full disciplinary hearing against PC James Patrick.

11 February 2014

Legal Expenses Insurance - Instructing Your Own Lawyer

30 November 2013

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