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Extradition to Greece of Crete Five

The five boys who were ordered to be extradited to Crete under the European Arrest Warrant Scheme are innocent of the charges that they are accused of. Nevertheless the High Court has ordered their extradition to Greece.

The court heard very disturbing evidence, which was accepted, of the dreadful and deplorable prison conditions in Greece including no proper toilet facilities, no exercise, cockroaches, rats and mice. In any event the High Court ordered that these conditions do not breach Article 3 of the Human Rights Act.

It would seem that there can be no effective Human Rights Bars that can be raised against extradition under the European Arrest Warrant Scheme. The Government must urgently look to change this scheme and the diplomatic authorities must now become involved to ensure that these boys do not suffer the same fate as Andrew Symeou.


Karen Todner

Kaim Todner Solicitors

23rd June 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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