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Media Statement - Ryan Cleary

Kaim Todner represents Ryan Cleary.

Mr Cleary has been charged with various offences against the Misuse of Computers Act on an indictment pending before Southwark Crown Court.

Overnight we learned that Mr Cleary is also now subject to an indictment in California with exactly the same charges. We understand that the US Prosecutor has stated that should Mr Cleary be dealt with by the UK courts in respect of these charges then the US will not seek Mr Cleary's extradition.

As yet no decisions have been made as to which charges Mr Cleary will deny or accept but we can state now that should any application be made for Mr Cleary's extradition then it will be fiercely contested. Mr Cleary suffers from Aspergers Syndrome and is on the autistic spectrum and extradition to the United States is totally undesirable.

We would once again urge the UK Government, particularly in light of the evidence of internet and computer cases coming through the courts, that they now review the US Extradition Treaty.

Karen Todner
Kaim Todner
14th June 2012

15 June 2012

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