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Media Statement - Tom Hayes

I am now in a position to submit the appeal of Tom Hayes to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC).  It has been a lengthy and complex process to compile the application.  It is clear from the evidence I have obtained that Mr Hayes has been the subject of a gross miscarriage of justice and I am confident that the CCRC will agree and refer the case back to the Court of Appeal. 

This view is supported by our country’s leading experts on Asperger’s, whose jointly issued comment is set out below:

Mr Hayes conviction raises real concerns about the treatment of autistic people in the criminal justice system."

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Director, Autism Research Centre, Cambridge University

Dr Juli Crocombe, Consultant, Neuro Developmental Psychiatrist

Professor Richard Mills, Director, AT-Autism

Professor Penny Cooper, The Institute for Criminal Policy Research, Birbeck & City, University of London

A short report by Professor Richard Mills providing further information and clarification is available here.

In addition I believe there has been material non-disclosure of key items of evidence that were withheld from the defence at the original trial, which will now throw a whole new light on Mr Hayes’ case.

Karen Todner
Solicitor for Tom Hayes
30th January 2017

30 January 2017

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